bob综合:Signal monitoring lightning protection wiring cabinet

Product Application

       Based on the lightning protection wiring cabinet used extensively in railway signals, signal monitoring lightning protection wiring cabinet adds signal monitoring functions, collecting and processing the operation data of all signal equipment passing through the wiring cabinet; and provides basic data for maintenance intelligent analysis system in railway electrical department.

Product features

Signal monitoring lightning protection wiring cabinet is just placed at the border between the outdoor and the indoor of the electrical equipment, which solves the problem of distinguishing whether the electrical equipment failure occurs outdoors or indoors; and the collected equipment parameters account for over 50% of the parameters needed for the total station equipment diagnosis. It has built a good data foundation for the development of intelligent monitoring and diagnosis systems. 
The equipment data required by the intelligent monitoring and diagnosis system can be obtained directly through the signal monitoring lightning protection wiring cabinet, which improves the efficiency of real-time data collection and can help detect equipment failures in a timely manner.  
Integrated data collection solves the problem of long, messy data collection and wiring in the original wiring cabinet, which is easy to fail and even affect the use of equipment; it thus reduces the workload of construction wiring, adjusting and maintenance, and saves costs.